Asus Transformer Review (First Days Experience)

The Asus Transformer TF101 is one of the most inticipated android tablets for this year with its Tegra2 processor … however the (more) special thing about the transformer is its form factor, its a normal 10.1 inches android tablet … but with a little twist, you could combine it with a keyboard dock, which will then transform your tablet into a netbook – hence the name “transformer” – the keyboard not only provides you with a full qwerty physical keyboar, it provides 2 USB ports, HDMI port, SD Card slot …. AND it (the dock) can charge your tablet and prolong your tablet’s battery life to up to juicy 16 hours (as Asus claim) … pretty neat eh?

Rest of the specs can be found here

Now you would probably say “so what? .. i have a small netbook with a keyboard” .. but let me tell you something, the experience of having a touch screen + keyboard at the same time is extraordinarily, …. especially in browsing, …. ever navigated to a website and then u saw a link and you got lazy to move your hands on the mouse and point at the link and click? .. well all those steps can be done by you “poking” the actual link on the screen, and then continue with the keyboard … the experience is much more rich than that, but thats what i could think of right now.

I have had the transformer for 2 days now, everything run smooth, the only things that i have problems with are I have ZERO problems with the transformer right now! … the solutions came pretty fast.

1 – Android Market: Good god android market for honeycomb devices seems a beta product to me! 90% of the apps in the android market fail to install on my device (free and paid alike) gives me an error “this item cannot be installed in your country“! what is interesting is, i have an HTC desire with stock android 2.2 and it runs the market perfectly and i can download free and paid apps without any problem, so whats with the transformer? i dont know you tell me … i have sent a ticket to Asus and Android and I am yet to get a useful reply for my query. Scratch that!!! I am able to download apps from the market now without any annoying error messages !
2 – The promised Android Honeycomb 3.1 still has not reached my transformer? even though that world wide it has been announced that the upate has been rolled. scratch that, i just received the Honeycomb 3.1 official OTA update from Asus, … the first problem still persist though


Asus transformer is a truly a “game transformer” … It has set a new standard, specially with its form factor. after using the transformer, its very hard for me to imagine using just a plain “tablet” .. Asus did very well with this product.

Over all,  …. excluding the Android Market issue (which i believe only people outside the US and Europe encounter this) the Transformer experience is really a nice one, and if you are going for a tablet nowadays, … you definitely can NOT go wrong with the Asus Transformer.

If you have any questions or comments about the Asus Transformer, let me know.


Updates: My two problems has been solved (within two days from reporting it!), i dunno wither its just my luck or i pushed Google or Asus to fix it, .. but I am a happy camper now :)


  1. first of all Alf Alf Mabrook Arkan on your new tablet can’t wait to see it :)

    do you suggest that if i am waiting for samsung tablet 10″ , should i consider this tablet ? is it the same range (or better as i felt from your post ? )

  2. Ali Al-Tamimi

    I just got it today, its awesome, I have the same problem of not allowing to install some apps but in general I love it

  3. Arkan Hadi

    Ali the transformer is fantastic. Build quality is solid and using the touch screen with the keyboard dock is a dream.
    Forgot to mention that the 2 cameras are craap lol.
    Here is what I think u should consider.
    Camera quality
    Keyboard ( with battery and usbports and sd card slot)
    Sim slot
    Which one do you care more about?
    Everything else is the same .. more or less 😛
    For Me. Choosing between this and Samsung tab 10 wifi only, i take this any day, mainly cuz of the amazing keyboard. I cannot settle for a tab without a keyboard, no sir, not after the transformer experience:-)

  4. Arkan Hadi

    @Ali Al-Tamimi try the market now, .. i believe it is working perfectly ok :)

  5. really that would really super fast to solve this problem from asus and google

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