Asus Transformer Review (First Days Experience)

The Asus Transformer TF101 is one of the most inticipated android tablets for this year with its Tegra2 processor … however the (more) special thing about the transformer is its form factor, its a normal 10.1 inches android tablet … but with a little twist, you could combine it with a keyboard dock, which will then transform your tablet into a netbook – hence the name “transformer” – the keyboard not only provides you with a full qwerty physical keyboar, it provides 2 USB ports, HDMI port, SD Card slot …. AND it (the dock) can charge your tablet and prolong your tablet’s battery life to up to juicy 16 hours (as Asus claim) … pretty neat eh?

Rest of the specs can be found here

Now you would probably say “so what? .. i have a small netbook with a keyboard” .. but let me tell you something, the experience of having a touch screen + keyboard at the same time is extraordinarily, …. especially in browsing, …. ever navigated to a website and then u saw a link and you got lazy to move your hands on the mouse and point at the link and click? .. well all those steps can be done by you “poking” the actual link on the screen, and then continue with the keyboard … the experience is much more rich than that, but thats what i could think of right now.

I have had the transformer for 2 days now, everything run smooth, the only things that i have problems with are I have ZERO problems with the transformer right now! … the solutions came pretty fast.

1 – Android Market: Good god android market for honeycomb devices seems a beta product to me! 90% of the apps in the android market fail to install on my device (free and paid alike) gives me an error “this item cannot be installed in your country“! what is interesting is, i have an HTC desire with stock android 2.2 and it runs the market perfectly and i can download free and paid apps without any problem, so whats with the transformer? i dont know you tell me … i have sent a ticket to Asus and Android and I am yet to get a useful reply for my query. Scratch that!!! I am able to download apps from the market now without any annoying error messages !
2 – The promised Android Honeycomb 3.1 still has not reached my transformer? even though that world wide it has been announced that the upate has been rolled. scratch that, i just received the Honeycomb 3.1 official OTA update from Asus, … the first problem still persist though


Asus transformer is a truly a “game transformer” … It has set a new standard, specially with its form factor. after using the transformer, its very hard for me to imagine using just a plain “tablet” .. Asus did very well with this product.

Over all,  …. excluding the Android Market issue (which i believe only people outside the US and Europe encounter this) the Transformer experience is really a nice one, and if you are going for a tablet nowadays, … you definitely can NOT go wrong with the Asus Transformer.

If you have any questions or comments about the Asus Transformer, let me know.


Updates: My two problems has been solved (within two days from reporting it!), i dunno wither its just my luck or i pushed Google or Asus to fix it, .. but I am a happy camper now :)

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Google +1 button now available for use on websites, Facebook’s Like should tremble with fear

Google has decided to dip its toe in the water and now the +1 button is available for publishers, bloggers and basically everyone to put on their websites.

Introducing the +1 Button

The button, as you may remember, was found only on the Google’s search results page, but as it turns out the search giant is taking it one step further. Rather than waiting for you to search a page, figure it’s useful and then “+1″ it, Google lets publishers take the initiative and allow people to recommend their website right on it.
In order to use it, though, you will have to allow it from your Google’s account settings. You will only see your friends’ recommendations if you have opted for it, so don’t forget to put a check next to it.
Google has now put the “+1 button” on Android’s Market website as well, so give it enough time and we should see if the recommended apps are the most downloaded ones. We too have placed a “+1″ here in our blog so if you feel a post may be useful to others just hit the new button.

Google +1

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Google IO 2011 – Day 2

Is Google taking over the world or is Google taking over the world??

Google IO logo

so, they are taking over the Mobile Phones market, … they are headed for Home appliances (Android@Home) and now this ….

Google just announced “Chromebook” ( a notebook that has a web-based OS, A.K.A “Chrome OS” …

Now, this is not the first time they talk about “Chrome OS” but this time they have team-ed up with hardware manufacturers (Samsung and Acer) to build a complete consumer product. and they will give every Google IO 2011 attendee a free Samsung Chrome-book! (Plus the Samsung Tab 2 gift that they announced yesterday) .. Man those guys are lucky

On another note, .. Google has just announced “Angry Birds” first truly web-based experience on Chrome (using nothing but JavaScript, HTML5 and of course the engines!) ..

Angry Birds

What are you waiting for? go get it and try it on your chrome! .. happy angry-bird-ing x)

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Google I/O 2011

Google i/o 2011

What is up Google?

Google just announced some really interesting stuff at Google IO 2011, and no am not talking about HoneyComb 3.1 or the new Ice Cream Sandwich Logo!!

They announced Project “Android@Home” A.K.A “Skynet”!!! Lol I mean seriously!!! its about controlling your home using your phone.

switching your lights On / Off using your phone, opening the TV, activating the Washing Machine, .. i know that most of those things already exist separately, .. but doing it all using your android device … that is cool, but maaan i could think of many things go wrong x).

another thing announced is this “wireless protocol” i can see Bluetooth dying soon (anyone remembers InfraRed??)

and how the hell did they manage to transfer a whole music CD to a “white orb” wirelessly within 2 seconds!!! 2 SECONDS!!! just by waving a CD to a white orb! How did they do that?

Android@Home is the big thing, Google is going bigger than ever!

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Google Code Jam 2011

First time for me at Google Code Jam.

The timing of the contest is awful for people in the middle east (the competition starts at 3:00am). and yes i know that it stays open for 24 hours, but you receive penalty for each one minute late you submit your answer! and its not the weekend for us (our weekend is Thursday + Friday not on Saturday + Sunday! ), AND most of us have jobs / courses to attend the next day, so yeah the time is awful!.

anyways, qualification questions this year was not really REALLY hard! i would assume many people would been able to solve at least 3 questions out of four given good practice and clear mind.

I had only about 2.5 hours to look at the questions and solve them, I concentrated on the first question (which had 20 points). which was obviously a bad decision from my side (i didnt pay attention to the qualification criteria), because the one needs at least 25 points to qualify, and this is the only question that had under 25 points!!!

Problem A (you can view the questions list from was entitled “Bot Trust” the moment i saw it i knew i JUST KNEW that there is a simple equation to get the result, i tried to figure out the equation but i just couldnt, so i took the long way, and I simulated the whole thing and submitted.

I had a chance to look at other question, i checked questions B and C, entitled “Magicka” and “Candy Splitting” respectively.

Magicka is easy if you use queues, you enqueue the invoking list, dequeue character by character and compare with the combination / clear list you have, the bad thing about this question (as i found out) was the hideous input splitting, there were so many different tokens in the input that it just gave me headache and i stopped half way through, i was able to generate a decent list of cases, but it was not entirely accurate, i didnt continue further, i left this problem because it gave me a massive headache.

Candy Splitting” … ohhh Candy Splitting, i should have started with this problem i would have been qualified by now, .. its nothing than a mere XOR operation, when i looked at it, it was very late and i barely had any energy but to regret on “WHY oh WHY didnt i start with this problem”.

i didnt read the last questions “GoroSort” .. funny name, though! lol

anyways, .. it was fun, couple of lessons learned

1. Look at (and understand) ALL the questions before you start solving any of them.
2. Pay attention to the points given to each question, dont spend time on solving questions that has lower value if you could spend the same time solving a higher value.
3. If you are working / studying on next Google Code Jam (and you want to solve many questions), would recommend you take the day off.
4. Prepare some code before the competition (file I/O, some useful algorithms, etc) they come in handy in the competition.

See you at Google Code Jam 2012

btw, you can view the solutions of other competitors (in case you are wondering how they solved a given problem) go here then check the “Solution Download” check box

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