This Months Video: Metaweb

Maybe you already saw this video from a company has bean just bean acquired by Google.

both video and acquisition happen yesterday. interesting work this company is doing: “maintains an open database of things in the world”.
see the video

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This Month Video: The marshmallow Challenge

lool interesting observations about team building and project management..
…or simply about spaghetti and marshmallow 😀

Marshmallow Challenge


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Exchange 2010 DAG problem?


So I was working on Exchange 20210 and I thought of sharing this with you. As you all know Exchang 2010 comes with new database availability feature called “Database Availability Group” or DAG.This Clustering feature allow creating database copies across servers, data centers, or even across countries. DAG works as replication boundary for databases and it works per membership :) . if a server is member of a DAG it can create and get copies of databases in the DAG when needed (you can specify which database or databases).

If you are working with Exchange 2010 and try to create Database Availability Group (DAG), then u may have come across this weird error message that does not tell you anything when you try to join the first node in the DAG. Ok, let’s recap a lab scenario:

  • You installed 2 exchange servers.
  • You already successful on creating the DAG.
  • When u try to add the first node this error come up:

” A server-side database availability group administrator operation failed. Error: The operation failed with message: Error 0x6f7 (The stub received bad data) from cli_RpccCreateCluster

Error 0x6f7 (The stub received bad data) from cli_RpccCreateCluster


The operation wasn’t successful because an error was encountered. You may find more details in log file


The solution: it is a small thing you missed actually. Just adding the default gateway on NIC will solve it. The second server I added was smooth I didn’t have to add the gateway!

The reason is that it seems the DAG creation is not complete (specifically the cluster related resources and configuration) until the first node is created.

I hope that was informative for you.

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The First Symposium on Free Source in Oman

open source logos

open source logos

We are pleased to announce that ITA will held the first symposium on free software on the 9th of March 2010, the main objectives of the symposium is to shed the light on ITA national initiative to promote

This initiative comes as part of Information Technology Authority (ITA) strategic directions to play a neutral role towards promoting different technologies.

The symposium shall raise the awareness about the importance of free software because of its potential and competitive characteristics comparing with the commercial software.

The symposium will host a number of key speakers from different countries who will present different topics on issues related to free software movement and philosophy, Arab world initiatives towards promoting the use of free software at different levels and also the symposium will address the local needs to develop such industry in the Sultanate.

During the opening ceremony of the symposium ITA will sign a number of memorandums of understanding with Sultan Qaboos University, Nizwa University and Muscat Higher College of Technology to support the national initiative implementation.

The previous is an internal circulation coming  to you (after taking permission) directly from ITA internal website.

As many of you know this is the first symposium on free source , in fact this the first Government organized free source related event ever (as far as I know ). It is a great that the young Information Technology Authority (ITA) already exploring the Free Software as a way to implement eOman initiative. For me I will be eagerly waiting to meet Richard Stallman the founder of Free Software Foundation.

My second most exciting thing is ITA signing memorandums of understanding with the educational institutes. It seems that it will be the start of free source movement in Oman. If true, this will make the educational institutes into active and direct contributors to eOman vision through free software.

Check the event website :

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Oman Government Sign New Enterprise Agreemant with Microsoft


The government have now license for Windows 7 Congratulations for all for the renewal of Oman-Microsoft agreement. It has been known that the actual signing was last week but it only showed up today on the ITA.Gov.OM . the greemant with microsoft has new proxy (Exceed) insted of the last agreemant (OHI).

Ok, here is the great news: in addition that we will have Exchange 2010, Windows 7, Office 2010, and all the other cool Microsoft products we will have 60 training opportunities (on Microsoft Products) for college graduates! The new (renewed) agreement has more focus on training and accountability on number of the actual used licenses unlike the previous garment. I will update this post as i have more details on the terms of the agreement. You can read the news on the ITA website: .

As conclusion I would like to say:: YaaaaYYyyyy Windows 7  for my Laptop Wooohooo.

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