Motorola Droid Razr HD / Vanquish / Fighter a.k.a XT926 Battery spec revealed

So if you are following the Droid Razr HD / Vanquish / Fighter a.k.a XT926 fiasco chances are you know that few days ago the Droid RAZR HD has passed the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which means that the release date is fast approaching.

if you did not know, then now you know!

RAZR HD XT926 leaked image

What you do not know probably is its battery capacity, many people speculated that it will have the same battery life as Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (3300 mAh) .. unfortunatly that is not going to happen according the FCC reveleaed specs, … the device will feature a 2530 mAh battery (exact model number is SNN5915A)


droid razr hd battery

That is a little disappointing, but the battery should still prove that it is good combined with the efficient s4 processor.

exact info can be found in the Portable Cellular Phone SAR Test Report.



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Get table of dates between two dates (period of dates) dynamically

Well I am kind of sure anyone dealing with database queries must have come across this problem

The problem

You need a list (or better said) table of Dates between two dates (start date, end date ) that you have


The solution

Well usually you will be handling this using loops, coursers to do your operation row by row for each date between start date and end date,

While playing around I just found another way(I feel it is better way)

The Better way

Just found out that TSQL (since SQL SERVER 2005) new keyword is introduced WITH and it is used to created temporary table !

So why don’t we create a temp table using WITH that has dates between my start date and end date

Here is how

declare @start datetime

,@end datetime


set @start=‘6/20/2011’;

set @end=‘7/19/2011’;


with alldates as


select @start DateVal


select DateVal + 1

from alldates

where DateVal + 1 <= @end



select DateVal

from alldates;


This will list down dates

Well doing that will gave me all dates within my start date and end date



but still there is some problems with the WITH keyword (it could be better in SQL SERVER 2008) in SQL SERVER 2005 you can’t use it in complicated query




Simple enough what I did currently is I can get the start date and the end date from another table by sql query , so I created a view that that uses the mighty WITH and creates dynamic list of dates between two dates in different table (note: this code is written as if the T_Period table has only one row, in case there were more rows a where condition could have been added like where PeriodToUse=1




WITH alldates AS
(SELECT period_start AS DateVal

FROM dbo.T_Period



SELECT alldates_2.DateVal + 1 AS Expr1

FROM alldates AS alldates_2

(alldates_2.DateVal+ 1 <=
(select period_end from dbo.T_Period)



FROM alldates AS alldates_1







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Android iPhone Apps developers

Smart phone apps are the new hot thing in the horizon, all technology entrepreneur are thinking to move their business (partially , or clone) from web or desktop to smart phones. Well that not something no one was expecting but until iPhone come to the world people were thinking it will be on Nokia’s Symbian phones anyone remember (S60).


Well once iPhone came many developer looked at it as a big possibility, but there were limitations in the initial IOS version ,in wireless mobile data connections (no 3g or very expensive) , in development support (less APIs , limit programming in Objective C) , in features of hardware.


But in that time another giant was looking at it also as a big possibility, but why don’t we make the possibility in our own way, and why not make it bigger wider and better! , that giant was Google, and here was the birth of Android.


Having these two super powerful operating systems for smart phones(IOS & Android) now it is the time for innovation and there are lots of innovators creating great really great apps and games for these devices that will one day be with each and every human being .


As OmanDev.NET we decided two things

  1. As bloggers we will be addressing these innovators of new world and will be reviewing them and their apps & games
  2. As programmers we should start contributing to the world with our ideas our innovations (so wish us luck , or better lend us a helpful hand)



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Google I/O Captions

In addition to the live streaming for Google I/O, Google (YouTube) start a live captions generated from the live streaming. It is really human like captioning.

You have to see it,

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Google IO 2011 – Day 2

Is Google taking over the world or is Google taking over the world??

Google IO logo

so, they are taking over the Mobile Phones market, … they are headed for Home appliances (Android@Home) and now this ….

Google just announced “Chromebook” ( a notebook that has a web-based OS, A.K.A “Chrome OS” …

Now, this is not the first time they talk about “Chrome OS” but this time they have team-ed up with hardware manufacturers (Samsung and Acer) to build a complete consumer product. and they will give every Google IO 2011 attendee a free Samsung Chrome-book! (Plus the Samsung Tab 2 gift that they announced yesterday) .. Man those guys are lucky

On another note, .. Google has just announced “Angry Birds” first truly web-based experience on Chrome (using nothing but JavaScript, HTML5 and of course the engines!) ..

Angry Birds

What are you waiting for? go get it and try it on your chrome! .. happy angry-bird-ing x)

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Google I/O 2011

Google i/o 2011

What is up Google?

Google just announced some really interesting stuff at Google IO 2011, and no am not talking about HoneyComb 3.1 or the new Ice Cream Sandwich Logo!!

They announced Project “Android@Home” A.K.A “Skynet”!!! Lol I mean seriously!!! its about controlling your home using your phone.

switching your lights On / Off using your phone, opening the TV, activating the Washing Machine, .. i know that most of those things already exist separately, .. but doing it all using your android device … that is cool, but maaan i could think of many things go wrong x).

another thing announced is this “wireless protocol” i can see Bluetooth dying soon (anyone remembers InfraRed??)

and how the hell did they manage to transfer a whole music CD to a “white orb” wirelessly within 2 seconds!!! 2 SECONDS!!! just by waving a CD to a white orb! How did they do that?

Android@Home is the big thing, Google is going bigger than ever!

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