Motorola Droid Razr HD / Vanquish / Fighter a.k.a XT926 Battery spec revealed

So if you are following the Droid Razr HD / Vanquish / Fighter a.k.a XT926 fiasco chances are you know that few days ago the Droid RAZR HD has passed the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which means that the release date is fast approaching.

if you did not know, then now you know!

RAZR HD XT926 leaked image

What you do not know probably is its battery capacity, many people speculated that it will have the same battery life as Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (3300 mAh) .. unfortunatly that is not going to happen according the FCC reveleaed specs, … the device will feature a 2530 mAh battery (exact model number is SNN5915A)


droid razr hd battery

That is a little disappointing, but the battery should still prove that it is good combined with the efficient s4 processor.

exact info can be found in the Portable Cellular Phone SAR Test Report.



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Android iPhone Apps developers

Smart phone apps are the new hot thing in the horizon, all technology entrepreneur are thinking to move their business (partially , or clone) from web or desktop to smart phones. Well that not something no one was expecting but until iPhone come to the world people were thinking it will be on Nokia’s Symbian phones anyone remember (S60).


Well once iPhone came many developer looked at it as a big possibility, but there were limitations in the initial IOS version ,in wireless mobile data connections (no 3g or very expensive) , in development support (less APIs , limit programming in Objective C) , in features of hardware.


But in that time another giant was looking at it also as a big possibility, but why don’t we make the possibility in our own way, and why not make it bigger wider and better! , that giant was Google, and here was the birth of Android.


Having these two super powerful operating systems for smart phones(IOS & Android) now it is the time for innovation and there are lots of innovators creating great really great apps and games for these devices that will one day be with each and every human being .


As OmanDev.NET we decided two things

  1. As bloggers we will be addressing these innovators of new world and will be reviewing them and their apps & games
  2. As programmers we should start contributing to the world with our ideas our innovations (so wish us luck , or better lend us a helpful hand)



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Workflow Engine & SharePoint

Talk from my experience
Workflow engine is what all people in big and middle organizations are talking about ! If you work in IT department of a non IT company you will know what i mean , there is a real need for a work-flow engine.
Have you heard the following kind of requirements ?
  • Leave application process system
  • Request form for new hiring
  • Request form for new Black Berry (for new manager, or old manager who spoiled his phone)
  • Request form for accommodation for  guests.
  • Request form for asking for change password.
  • request form for VPN
  • Request form for access to specific server
  • Request form for business travel arrangement.
and the list can go on and on and on..
And off-course each of these have their own complicated way of approval and extra information collection from chain of supervisors, managers and approvers .
Do you really think that each of these requirement should have a customized software created for it? Well the requirements are simple still it is a work of weeks after requirements collection, the weeks that will get lost in designing , DB development, application development, testing, deployment. All this time will be wasted and company will be paying for IT department or outsourcing each of these customized applications and still losing time and money.
If you notice these  applications are the basic things that any medium or even some small size organization will need!!
since it is a every day thing and faced by a lot of companies i would really wish that there would be something , some software where user can set the request form, and explain the approver process in easy language and the data that should be collected. And vollah !!! you will get one of these applications in ONE day instead of weeks (after collecting and confirming requirements) and it will be as good and as reliable as any customized software made specifically for the company.

Well that is simply called workflow engine and this is exactly what it do and how it work !!
To make it a little bit more complicated we will require each of the mentioned workflow to interact with our databases, our HR system (Oracle, .NET, Java, whatever..).
Now since in our company are having enterprise license for microsft and its application we get sharepoint server by default. Having Windows server , Windows Workflow foundation, and sharepoint server ; makes Sharepoint workflows the best available tool for us to be used.
The following is a comparission of different ways and plugins that could be used with sharepoint to get our workflow engine working.
SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 Nintex
Developer interface wizard of different steps where each step has conditions and actions More flexible interface in wizard. In addition, can export to\import from Visio which is useful just to view a representation of the workflow or design the general structure (actual work is done in SharePoint designer). Design should have a carefully defined structure to work in SharePoint designer. Easy drag and drop interface.
User interface confusing approval process interface because user can see two different lists: items list and tasks list same as 2007 Generates ready forms which can include item information on the approval task. Therefore user will not be confused between two the two lists.
Conditions and Actions Some actions and condition are provided. Can create more actions using visual studio 2008. More actions and conditions are available. Can create more actions using visual studio 2010. Example of new actions: find manager of user. Various collections of conditions and actions are available. Examples: Loops , …
Privileges When an approval task is assigned to a user, any other user can approve the task if he gets the link. A custom action was programmed by Ali to avoid this problem. Only the user the task is assigned to can approve the task. Only the user the task is assigned to can approve the task.
Complicated workflows Had problems in Prepayment workflow but others simpler ones worked correctly Simple workflows work. Created 3 stage workflow and it works fine.
Programmability SP programming complicated and need special course to be able to use it SP programming complicated and need special course to be able to use it Can invoke web services that can be easily programmed
Database Connection Through programming only Through programming only Can connect to SQL server , ORACLE any DB through ODBC
Active Directory/or any LDAP directory connection Through programming only Through programming only Drag and drop action
String manuplation

Not possible Possible Possible
Ability read and use lookup values in all needed fields and locations No Yes Yes

logical and mathematical information
few few

Parallel actions
Not good control Well controlled Well controlled

Not supported Not supported Supported

Workflow forms

User see approval and data collection as an item in tasks that need to be edited User see well formed form but after submitting will be directed to task list ! User see well formed form

well using nintex we can easily add an infopath form (which could be taken from scanned paper form !!) and to explain the workflow (flow of the document for approval and data collection) we just have to draw it with Nintex tools !!

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This Months Video: Metaweb

Maybe you already saw this video from a company has bean just bean acquired by Google.

both video and acquisition happen yesterday. interesting work this company is doing: “maintains an open database of things in the world”.
see the video

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Exchange 2010 DAG problem?


So I was working on Exchange 20210 and I thought of sharing this with you. As you all know Exchang 2010 comes with new database availability feature called “Database Availability Group” or DAG.This Clustering feature allow creating database copies across servers, data centers, or even across countries. DAG works as replication boundary for databases and it works per membership :) . if a server is member of a DAG it can create and get copies of databases in the DAG when needed (you can specify which database or databases).

If you are working with Exchange 2010 and try to create Database Availability Group (DAG), then u may have come across this weird error message that does not tell you anything when you try to join the first node in the DAG. Ok, let’s recap a lab scenario:

  • You installed 2 exchange servers.
  • You already successful on creating the DAG.
  • When u try to add the first node this error come up:

” A server-side database availability group administrator operation failed. Error: The operation failed with message: Error 0x6f7 (The stub received bad data) from cli_RpccCreateCluster

Error 0x6f7 (The stub received bad data) from cli_RpccCreateCluster


The operation wasn’t successful because an error was encountered. You may find more details in log file


The solution: it is a small thing you missed actually. Just adding the default gateway on NIC will solve it. The second server I added was smooth I didn’t have to add the gateway!

The reason is that it seems the DAG creation is not complete (specifically the cluster related resources and configuration) until the first node is created.

I hope that was informative for you.

More Resources:

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Oman Government Sign New Enterprise Agreemant with Microsoft


The government have now license for Windows 7 Congratulations for all for the renewal of Oman-Microsoft agreement. It has been known that the actual signing was last week but it only showed up today on the ITA.Gov.OM . the greemant with microsoft has new proxy (Exceed) insted of the last agreemant (OHI).

Ok, here is the great news: in addition that we will have Exchange 2010, Windows 7, Office 2010, and all the other cool Microsoft products we will have 60 training opportunities (on Microsoft Products) for college graduates! The new (renewed) agreement has more focus on training and accountability on number of the actual used licenses unlike the previous garment. I will update this post as i have more details on the terms of the agreement. You can read the news on the ITA website: .

As conclusion I would like to say:: YaaaaYYyyyy Windows 7  for my Laptop Wooohooo.

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