T Chat 20 April 2011 (The Revival)

Well hope you remember what TChat is! Well if you don’t here is what is TChat and here is one of the best TChat sessions we had

Well for unknown (or better say anonymous reasons) T Chat stopped for more than a year, but finally last week it was revived with the meeting of Hassan, Khaled, Yamani, Qais and myself in Mood Café discussing different IT stuffs as we used to do previously! Well I know it is not that safe to say it is revived may be it is spelling its last breaths before a fatal death but we always hope for better and wish these meetings will continue after this.

With the quiet and lovely place in mood café with a bit low lights and interesting menu we had coffee, chocolate drinks and a sandwich with the following topics.




Topics discussed in TChat 1:

  • SharePoint and Document Management: here Ali showed what is document management systems and how if your organization have SharePoint can use it to get minimal document management features, Also it was shown that the document library in SharePoint are not good enough to be considered as full document management solution, in fact there are many things that may stop you using it as a document management solution.
  • Apps: in this part Yamani showed us number of interesting iPhone and android apps and discussed the usefulness of each of them









  • Exchange 2010 : here Khalid Al Mamari given us basic introduction on what’s there and what’s new in exchange 2010
  • Light painting photography session : where using Qais camera , Ali ,Hassan, and Qais experimented light painting photography J


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TChat event for 15 feb 2010

TChat event for 15 feb 2010
Last Monday we had a very interesting TChat event Held in the final years project room in SQU (what is TChat here)

The topics were as follows:
1-Qais, Yamani and Ayman AL Fadhaily discussed the current issues that our T-Chat and omandev group are facing to become a recognized group

Initially Ahmed AL Yamani welcomed the attendees of the Tchat and gave an overview of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Then Qais started explaining the current statues of the group and how much it has actually done. During the talk lots of issues and problems faced by the group has been raised and discussed. Later Ayman AL Fadhily joined the talk by giving advices of his previews experiences and mentioned few success & failure stories that he went through. It was very help full and productive discussion so thanks very much Ahmed Qais and Ayman.

2-Mohammed Hassawi : Go Green Initiative (PrePeat Desktop Printer Can Erase/Write Documents

Mohammed discussed a product from Japan, which is a re-writable printer. This printer prints on a special kind of sheets with a very special technique without the use of tuner. An important information regarding these sheets is each sheet could be re-used (get erased and get printed on it again) 1000 times. The printer is considered environment friendly printer cause it is not using tuner and in the same time reduces the need of lots of papers and by doing so it reduces the number of trees got cut every day.

After demonstrating how printer actually works the group had discussion on how it could be used in Oman and how can organizations in Oman move their paper printing from regular printers to these printers.

3-Saif AL Sharji : Ypeer

After Mohammed saif gave us a detailed and very intresting presentation regarding Ypeer (who are they , how they started, their mission , vision & objects. To get more information regarding Ypeer please visit http://www.youthpeer.org/

Then Saif explained Ypeers role in Oman what they have done till now and what are their future plans. Finally the group had discussion and suggestions around Ypeer’s activities. This talk was one of the very intresting talks ever in T-Chats and everyone was very glad to attend it. Thank you siaf.

4-Mohammed AL Hassawi : Oman Dev Brand new

The last topic was the re-design on Omandev.net and it was given again by Mohammed AL Hassawi. Mohammed showed two designs for the mainpage which we choose the current one from. Then Mohammed discussed and explained the design and coloring of the internal parts of the site. We are trying (slowly and lazily) to implement those designs to our site as you can see few parts of the site already has been changed to go with the new designs still there is lots of work to be done. Special thanks to Hassawi for helping us with the design.

Finally we would like to thank all the speakers of this T-Chat and also special thanks to Ahmed AL Habsi who preserved the memories of this T Chat into very nicely taken pictures with his camera and Khalid AL Mamari for audio recording the important parts of the topics.

PS: a newer TChat already took place yasterday , but i was very lazy to finish this post before know any how i hope khalid will be much better than me and most about yasterday’s TChat soon

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T Chat


The Name:
TChat (could be interpreted as Tea Chat and also as Technology chat and both are correct)
the Design:
t-chat is a small talk about virtually anything technical. the main purpose of it is knowledge sharing. T-chat is used in collages, workplace, friendly meetings for one speaker (or few) to share a thought or knowledge with the others in the group. talks are usually small 10-20 minutes to keep them short and interesting. the sesion usualy include having hot drink (tea or coffee , hence the name Tea-chat ).
T chat was first introduced in our group couple of years ago by Khalid AL Mamari to share knowledge while we were in our final year. then it continued for several months and stopped. few months ago we started it again and it is taking its form slowly (I think :p ). This week we have decided that we should expand the audience of our T-Chat people outside of our group should also get the benefits of our topics and in the same time we also should be able to get back to the information we gain in these T-Chats. To make that, it was decided by our group to relate it to our site “Omandev.net” and hopefully we will be able to put a weekly update with abstract information at least on whatever we have discussed in that week.
So here is a very abstract view on what we had this week in T-chat (hopefully next week we will put more details regarding all points).
  • Ahmed Yamani : Assembly visual simulator (project demo)
  • Ahmed Yamani & Saud AL Zakwani : Tips , Ideas on getting Omandev.net back to life
  • ALL : Snacks
  • Khalid : Tutorial on how to make Tutorials
  • Ali AL Lawati : SQL quiz (the one who solve it first will have his dinner for free (on me) ) — no one answered it :)
  • ALL : Dinner
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